I was on a venture around town to find out which stores carried what vaping devices and supplies.  I was getting very disappointed in only finding cig-a-likes from various vendors such as blu, cig2o, century 21 etc.  Then I stopped in the Smoker’s Discount Tobacco at 6519 E State Blvd located in the Georgetown North shopping plaza across the street from the Georgetown branch of the ACPL.  Their selection of PVs was far superior when compared with anywhere I visited.  Smoker’s not only carried all of the cig-a-likes I had seen so far (in a far wider array of flavors) but also carried the smoke bomb starter kit (10-hour Ego threaded Battery) and many bottles of juice, in addition to blank cartridges and tanks(both 510 threaded).  Mary was very helpful and knowledgeable about all the products they carried, I would definitely recommend any smoker in Fort Wayne who is interested in switching to vaping should start here.

20130422_121306There is some techno-babble in here you may not understand i.e. 510 threaded, Ego Threaded. Do not worry I will put a whole section up here with links to resources in the next few days as I continue to work on this


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